Who Am I?


Since starting in the health and fitness industry at the age of 15, I have always strived for personal and professional development.  Hungry for information and committed to progress, I am persistently investing in my own education and training.  This allows me to implement appropriate and effective strategies in my coaching programmes.  Furthermore, valuing the power of reflection, I precisely evaluate the outcomes of these strategies in order to inform next steps.

In truth, the catalyst for this ‘hunger' was when I became injured not long after becoming self-employed as a personal trainer.  This was a huge wake up call and I feared that I would not be a true representation of what I was capable of achieving as a coach.  To overcome this, I buried my head in books; listened to countless podcasts; and experimented with various holistic health and fitness protocols on myself.  Eventually, I managed to save enough money to attend courses and seminars with many of the greatest in the industry.  Needless to say, I healed my injury, but most importantly, I was left with a passion to learn… And this has only got stronger with the years!


What do I do?


I have areas of focus: education and coaching.  This is a dynamic combination that compliments the other.  


I am honoured to be able to teach on a national level where attendees benefit from the culmination of almost a decade of intensive research and experimentation.  They leave with a comprehensive understanding of the most effective and results-driven protocols that allow us to manipulate the human body.  The ultimate aim: to enhance wellness, performance and body composition by improve efficiency and functionality. 

In addition, I am also the UK practitioner advisor for Nordic Labs, a world-wide private lab testing organisation offering a range of tests such as stool, DNA, urine and blood.


With a multi-faceted approach, coaching focuses on: nutrition, mindset, holistic health, mobility, body composition and strength and conditioning. The ultimate goal is to create equilibrium in all the aforementioned areas with nutrition serving as the foundation.  


My Ethos?


We influence the outcome of our life on a daily basis.

Every thought, action, drink, bite taken, word spoken and listened to, and the environment we find ourselves in all contribute to the state (physically and emotionally) of the individual on some level.  Our health, functionality, physique and performance (both mental and physical) are affected by these factors. This is why it is imperative to address every aspect of the human, treating them as the incredibly complex matrix that they are.  This is what I do. 


My Approach?


First, it is critical to understand the current state of the individual: biomechanically, physiologically and emotionally.  Here, we assess to progress!

Next, responding to the findings, I tailor a programme to suit the client’s biomechanics, goals, previous history, lifestyle and physiological make-up (from neurotransmitter regulation, gastro-intestinal health, inflammatory levels, pH to hormonal imbalances).  The programme is formulated of a precise combination of nutrition, training and holistic lifestyle implementations.  

Throughout the programme, the client and I will continue to conduct assessments, ensuring that the strategies implemented are yielding maximum results.  



If you are interested in working with Jake,