Most popular presentation topics:


- body composition
- optimal health
- performance
- functional healing



Whilst these presentations are well-honed, he always adapts them to meet the goals of your event and the needs of your audience.  For example, speeches can be tailored to elite athletes, body composition coaches, fitness enthusiasts with ambitious goals and so on.

Please note, whilst this list is his most requested topics, it is certainly not exhaustive.  Should you think he would be a good fit for another topic, he would be keen to hear from you!






Additional educational services include:


Personal Education

1 to 1 Personal Education | Coach Jake Carter | Body Composition Specialist

Enhance your knowledge through personalised 1-to-1 tuition with Jake.


The Science of Wellness

The Science of Wellness Seminar | Coach Jake Carter | Body Composition Specialist

Attend Jake's exceptional seminar covering an extensive range of topics.