I coach in a very different way to the ‘norm’. I prefer using the coaching and assessment route basing your nutrition and training predominately around your physiology - looking at gut health, hormonal balance, inflammation, wellbeing, neurological profile, fibre types, morphology and biomechanics.

I have limited availability due to high demand and to ensure the service I offer is of a premium standard and not saturated. This coaching is not only based around nutritional plans and training programmes. I integrate specific cooking methods, herbal teas, herbs and spices, stress management methods, functional neurology and lifestyle factors where appropriate to really manipulate the biochemistry of the body as a whole – thus having an inverse relationship on body composition and performance.

Every single factor I implement into your plans will be backed with solid reasoning and scientific data what I have collected from a decades worth of training. The initial draft of your phase will be designed for the best possible results, I appreciate and respect everyone has their own level of commitment so areas may not be practical or feasible. In this situation, communication is paramount, give me feedback and in which I will be able to structure the programmes for best possible results based on your level of adherence, commitment and priority.


I am hired to get you results and this is what we will optimise; this means if the plan is working we may not need to change the programme. This has been a flaw in my previous programming, as I have previously fallen trap to changing programmes without maximising every results possible before moving on to the next phase. This also means that if the programme is not working effectively with your lifestyle or physiology, it will be changed imminently.

Throughout your coaching experience I want you to not only get results but build up a wealth of knowledge in nutrition, hormones, programme design and exercise execution. I prefer you to complete your ‘Online Check-Ins’ for me on a weekly basis (the day of your scheduled check-in). I use this to track your progression and ensure accountability – this is up to you to send this in so please set a weekly reminder or alarm. This will then allow me to evaluate when you need updating, support or motivation. To reiterate, this is based upon the individuals requirements, some clients need daily or weekly – others biweekly or even monthly.

I am also a UK practitioner for Nordic Labs, an international private laboratory. Therefore we can go down the route of the highest quality private tests at my discounted practitioner cost. As a token of gratitude for your trust and working relation, I offer complementary laboratory analysis, evaluations and consultations to any of my clients. For all of this I need your honesty, commitment and for you to work with me. I will be hired to teach, coach and mentor you through your journey transforming your health, performance, lifestyle and physique.


Below is a glimpse into my vast experience and toolbox of expertise, validating my coaching expertise & services:

  • Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

  • Poliquin International Certification Programme Level 1, 2 & 3

  • BioSignature Modulation Level 1

  • Gut Health – Importance in Optimisation for Metabolic Performance

  • Effects of Stress on Sleep

  • Performance and Recovery

  • Foundations of Programme Design

  • SWIS 2015 & 2016 Material

  • Dr Bob Rakowski, Optimisation of Hormones for Sports Performance

  • John Meadows, Prepped By Pro’s

  • Neil Hill, Contest Prep

  • Mark Coles, Physique Camp

  • Daniel Reilly, Physiology of Fat Cell

  • Daniel Reilly, Optimisation of Hormones

  • Poliquin, Workshops

  • Poliquin, Nuts and Bolts of Exercise Biomechanics

  • Poliquin, Advanced Nutrition Programming

  • Phil Learney, Contest Prep

  • Phil Learney, The Science of Hypertrophy

  • Phil Learney, Advanced Nutritional Strategies

  • Paul Chek, EU Workshop

  • Lazo Freeman, Body Transformation Academy

  • Muscle Nerds, Programme Design

  • Christian Thibaudeau, Hypertrophy Seminar

  • Christian Thibaudeau, Neurotyping

  • RNT Fitness, Body Transformation

  • Tom Hibbert, Biomechanics and Acupressure

  • Dr Melilio, Institute of Functional Neurology

  • DNA Life

  • Clean Health Fitness Institute, The Art of General Population Transformations

  • Clean Health Fitness Institute, Performance Nutrition

  • Metabolic Healing, Blood Sugar & Insulin Resistance Mastery Course

  • Metabolic Healing, Blood Chemistry Mastery Analysis Course

  • Metabolic Healing, Mastering Functional Lab Analysis

  • Probiotic Advisor, Stool Analysis Masterclass (CURRENT)

  • Probiotic Advisor, Meet Your Microbiome (CURRENT)


  • All price is Great British Pounds

  • Online check-ins over Zoom (minimum of a biweekly call)

  • Video assessments for optimal exercise technique and biomechanical screening

  • Frequent support and advice

  • Ongoing education and validation (please use this opportunity if you are within the industry and have questions about your clients or wish me to run over client programmes)

  • Training programme updates (frequency dependent on physiology and progress)

  • Nutritional programme updates (frequency dependent on physiology and progress)

  • Access to wholesale supplement accounts

  • Access to private laboratory testing at practitioner price

  • Complementary laboratory test evaluation and analysis


  • If you are within close proximity to Manchester or willing to travel, I am more than happy to complete our ‘check-ins’ in person. This will allow me to assess your body-fat percentage, lean muscle mass, assess physiological biofeedback markers, complete biomechanical assessments and also add a stronger element of accountable to your programmes.

  • I require well-lit progress photos from the front, side and back before starting the programme with a blank background. This will be used to visually assess your static posture, morphology, weaknesses, visual insight to your hormonal make-up and for tracking your progress.

  • My screening forms are longer than what is usually expected but the more I know and understand about you, the more I can prescribe and tailor specifically to your needs and wants.

  • If wished, you can send videos of your lifts through so I can assess to see if you are maximising your efficiency.


  • Check-in responses are sent on the agreed the day of our check-in. These require comparison photos and a completed copy of my ‘Online Check-In Form’.

  • Before updating a programme or nutritional plan, a progress photo and ‘Online Check-In Form’ has to be completed to allow me to tailor the plans specifically around you.

  • The ‘Check-Ins’ will be done via Zoom Online Meeting software at set times, this is your chance to ask any questions. If you do have any before the next call, we will book an additional call to answer them if necessary. Please do not send questions, just request to schedule a call – please note, I like to reevaluate every single aspect before replying. This ensures that I have giving you the highest quality of information possible and therefore can take several days to reply. Please do not be offended. If you require daily correspondence with less detailed and quality information, then this coaching is not for you.

  • The programme design is the true value of the coaching as this implements the skill sets and education I have acquired from my investments and decades worth of practice.

  • Please appreciate these are individualised and can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to complete to my level of approval.


  • Payment are due before initial programmes are sent out.

  • Late payment will be subject to a compensation payment.

  • The packages are non-refundable, however packages can be transferred.

  • The programme starts 24 hours after receiving the initial plans. The programme cannot be paused unless agreed prior with myself.

  • Correspondence is not set to weekly contact but is preferred.

  • If you cancel or can’t make the scheduled check-in, this is a loss on your behalf.

  • Correspondence is set primarily to scheduled calls – email replies are not guaranteed unless stated otherwise.


Payment can be made either with BACS transfer, direct debit or by following the link to my products page below (PayPal). Please enquire directly to receive bank details.

Due to the high amount of enquiries I receive on a daily basis and for your own financial security, please contact me first before submitting any payments.

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I do my coaching different to the norm. I appreciate and understand that everyone is individual – I try to see exactly how unique you are by assessing and working with the following:

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Physiological Biofeedback Markers

  • Biomechanical Screening (Static and Dynamic)

  • Somatotyping

  • Emotional Drivers and Key Values

  • Psychological Anchors

  • Neural Firing Patterns

  • Habit History

  • Food Sympto-typing

  • Circadian Rhythm Analysis

  • Neurotransmitter Profiling

  • Body Compositional Testing

For all of this I need your honesty, commitment and for you to work with me. I will be hired to teach, coach and mentor you through your journey transforming your health, performance, lifestyle and physique.


The price below does not only reflect the time spent on a 1 to 1 level, but the:

  • Session Preparation

  • Programme Design

  • Access to Supplement, Laboratory, DNA and Food Intolerance Wholesale Accounts

  • Ongoing Support and Advice

  • Training and Nutritional Programme Updates (frequency dependent on physiology and progress)

  • Continuous Professional Development and Research

The price represents only a fraction of the extensive amount of industry-leading courses that I have attended over the many years to refine my practice, thus enabling the best possible results in the most efficient time frame.

60-minute educational and developmental call spent focusing on you, your clients and your business. This will help you:

  • Get better results with yourself and your clients.

  • Sustain your clients for longer through a better quality of service.

  • Receive more referrals.

  • Increase your rates.

  • Work smarter, not harder

The mentorship will be structured around any subject you wish to cover. I will be teaching applications I have gathered from a decade within the industry. I will hold no information back during these calls and will give you any content I have that will help you get the most out of the calls. These mentorship calls can be used to collaborate together, co-creating your clients plans and analysing any lab work.

Mentorship Block Booking (1-1 educational calls):

  • 3 x 60 minutes - £360

  • 12 x 60 minutes - £1,200 (SAVING £240)

  • 24 x 60 minutes (6 month package) - £2,160 (SAVING £720)


Hire me to speak at your event or facility, on topics ranging from and not limited to the following:

  • ‘Releasing the handbrakes of health to optimise physique, functionality and performance’

  • Ranging through gut health, hormones, neurology, detoxification, immunology and hormones. Teaching the use of assessing with subjective biofeedback markers and biometric readings to devise the best lifestyle, supplement and food-based requirements based on the individuals specific needs.

  • Physiological training programme design – structuring a correct peroidisation around biochemistry, neurology, adaptive reserve and biomechanics.

Private Seminar Costs:

  • 1 day seminar – 8 hours, £1,500

  • 2 day seminar – 8 hours x 2, £2,500

  • 3 day seminar – 8 hours x 3, £3,000

Please visit my seminars page to find out more information on public seminars that I host throughout the year.


Terms of payments:

  • Payment is due at a maximum of 10 days from invoice date or reassessment date.

  • Late payment will be subject to a compensation payment.

  • For refunds to be applicable, there has to be minimal results from health, performance and physique (this is excluding the education you will be taught along the way). There has to be visible evidence of co-operative adherence to the nutrition and training programmes.

  • There will be weekly check-ins which will allow you to raise any issues if you feel that the programme is not delivering what is promised. Prior weeks of approval will be excluded from the refund, leaving a monetary value for the weeks requested.

Payment can be made either with BACS transfer, direct debit or by following the link to my products page below (PayPal). Please enquire directly to receive bank details.

Due to the high amount of enquiries I receive on a daily basis and for your own financial security, please contact me first before submitting any payments.

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I look forward to working together or presenting at your facility in the future.

Healthy regards,