Body Transformation Results | Body Composition Specialist | Coach Jake Carter, UK

"My initial interest in working with Jake came from his in depth knowledge about the human body, and the science behind how our bodies function in certain circumstances. I wanted to know what makes my body work most effectively when put to the test, and ultimately how my brain would respond to set protocols and nutritional guidelines.  Within a matter of days I was losing fat consistently with weekly check-ins proving every piece of advice was working.  My mental state was bright, I was alert, on form, and performing to the best 100% of the time.  My concentration and focus was optimal for my circumstances, and I ultimately achieved a physique beyond any initial comprehension in a crazy amount of time.

Jake is a great listener, and he understood my lifestyle immediately so was able to give me an easy-to-follow (and very detailed) plan of action.  Any questions I had were answered promptly, with more than enough information to put me on the right track. His knowledge and 'want to learn' were very apparent from the beginning - consistently attending seminars and courses to gain more knowledge on so many different topics, Jake was excited to pass on his newly-learned information within hours of hearing it. This made my commitment to my plan so much stronger, as I felt he was learning to help me further.

Jake taught me how to work WITH my body, and how my mental actions can play vital roles in my body's composition and ability to progress. Be it strength training, cardio-vascular training, or general wellbeing, I now have a comprehensive understanding of what I can do to optimise myself, my body and my brain.

I'd recommend Jake to anyone who cares about their own health and wellbeing (which should be everyone!), and anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, their hormones, their cravings, or even just how good they look in the mirror.  Jake knows it all!"

- James Grayson (client)

Body Transformation Results | Body Composition Specialist | Coach Jake Carter, UK

"The best thing about working with Jake as a coach is that he caters to my goals whilst at the same time understanding how realistic I need to be with my training and dieting, hotel room workouts, eating food whilst on the road etc... Each training session you leave feeling more inspired and closer to the end goals than when you started, giving you more motivation as you go along... I have learned from Jake how to train my body and how to utilise specific hormones my body responds well to, giving me a much more efficient workout and lifestyle... I'd highly recommend Jake to anyone who is looking to improve their health, ftiness or even just learn how to get the most out of their body for a better quality of life." 

- Ryan Fletcher (musician in Lawson)

Testimonials | Body Composition Specialist | Coach Jake Carter, UK

"Since I have known and been learning from Coach Carter, my knowledge has exploded.  Every time I meet him (which is regularly), he has researched something new.  He is an inspiration and keeps me on top of my game.  A fantastic pace-setter. It is said that 'the more you learn, the less you know'.  Whilst this is true for myself, I'm not sure this is remotely true for Coach Jake."

- Ryan J Collier (director of GeneFit and wellness coach)





"From putting into practice what Jake has gone through with me I have been able to make improvements to my Olympic Lifting just from small tweaks such as the optimal times to train, supplementation and even training tips.  This guy knows what he is talking about and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend others working with him."

- Steph Owens (Common Wealth Games competitor)

Testimonials | Body Composition Specialist | Coach Jake Carter, UK


"I met Coach Jake Carter two years ago after visiting the club in which he is based.  It was clear to see after talking to him for five minutes that he has a thirst for knowledge and he was advanced beyond his years already.  Since then, he has continued to impress me with advice and nutrition / supplementations tips, which has helped me when working towards my goals of hitting the stage again. I also believe that Jake will be one of the leading gurus in the fitness industry, if he's not already."

- Craig Vardon (competitive bodybuilder and regional PT manager)

Body Transformation Results | Body Composition Specialist | Coach Jake Carter, UK

"I've known Jake for several years and he has always been full of knowledge and willing to help others.  As soon as I was in a financial position, I decided I would start working with Jake from a coaching point of view because I am aiming to compete for Team GB in powerlifting. Jake seemed to be the person I could learn the most from which would my own training and my clients."

- Marcus Morris (competitive powerlifter)

Body Transformation Results | Body Composition Specialist | Coach Jake Carter, UK

"I approached Jake for some guidance on my diet and nutrition initially for my first body building competition.  I know Jake is passionate about his subject and his knowledge far outweighed my own.  Following a full MOT, inclusive of weight and measurements taken, Jake and I also discussed my lifestyle, my sleeping pattern, my stress response and my general wellbeing.  

I had a weekly check-in with Jake, we discussed how I felt things were going as well as taking a full profile of my hormones, checking on my level of fatigue an sleeping pattern  - which is a big problem for me. The best thing with Jake as a coach - is you receive an all round health check, including psychological, emotional and physiological - Jake provided some suggestions to make small adjustments day to day - not just dieting and training methods, but increasing positivity - just writing down five things that I liked about myself before bed - was a real boost to my overall wellbeing and greatly increased a more positive body image. I particularly liked working with Jake as he never lost faith in me and was always willing to listen to me and provide a positive solution and make suggestions to whatever was bothering me - i.e. concern over a weaker body part that I felt was lagging - you tend to lose your mind a bit prepping for a show! Through working with Jake, I've learned a great deal about nutrition, hormonal balancing, fascia tension and active relseas therapy, kinetics - Jake really is a Jedi! 

Jake provides me with year round guidance now, whether it's gaining mass. shredding down or just generally working on weak areas and recovering properly from an injury."

- Julie (competitive bodybuilder)

Testimonials | Body Composition Specialist | Coach Jake Carter, UK

"Jake has a great understanding of human physiology. His knowledge is second to none and [his] desire to continue to develop his skills is inspirational.

Working with Jake on a number of occasions, and spending time at his seminars, you always come away with something new. Jake is always available to offer advice and give support with any obstacles I'm facing with my own clients. 

If you are someone who is willing to do what it takes, apply yourself, learn from Jake and get in fantastic shape and improve your health in the process then work with Jake."

- Joseph Ayre (PT manager)


"My goals when I started working with Jake were to lose weight after a lifetime of crash diets, and at 52, to slow down the ageing process with regard to my mobility and fitness. Jake's in-depth knowledge and understanding of nutrition, biomechanics and fitness, his ability to reflect and use this information in a way that is tailor made for the needs of the individual, and his friendly but professional manner, his irrepressible energy and his positivity, make him both inspirational and effective. Since working with him, as well as addressing my original goals, I developed a real understanding of the role of nutrition and movement in well being, learned to adopt strategies to support lifestyle choices, and eliminated the need for regular pain medication.  Having suffered for almost 25 years with what was diagnosed medically as sciatic, and having taken medication to control this on a regular basis, Jake quickly identified it as a weakness in a muscle group, and we were able to address this through the use of remedial exercises. I have not taken any medication for almost two years now.  In a short space of time he has changed the way I viewed my fitness, and his methods have always brought about rapid improvement or gains. He's significantly changed my approach to life and I can't recommend or thank him enough."

- Kerry Lancaster (client)